Article 5

Mahmoud, S. Y. M., Sanaa M F.Gad-Rab, Nadia Hussein and Ahmad A. M Shoreit

Antiviral activity of latex from Ficus nitida against plant viruses .

Page No ( 56 – 67 )





Article 4

Said, A.A. , M.A. El-Morshidy, K.A.A. Kheiralla and M.A. Ali

Assessment of drought tolerance in segregating population in bread wheat .

Page No ( 37 – 55 )


Article 3

El-Shaikh K.A.A, M.H. Hosseny, and Sh.M.A.Abd El-Kareem                             

Effect of Humic acid, bio and chemical fertilizer on growth and yield of onion cultivar, Giza 20 under Sohag conditions .

Page No ( 26 – 36 )


Article 2

Salman, A.M.A., Abd El-latif, A. O.1,  S.F.M. Moussa and M.M.S. Bakry

Estimation of the annual field generations of Parlatoria blanchardii and prediction of its expected peaks using thermal units accumulation under Luxor governorate condition, Egypt.

Page No ( 9 – 25 )


Article 1

Trang, T.T.K., A. O. Abd El-latif, V.G. Malathiand Debjani Dey

ITS sequence as barcode for identifying closely related species of  Chelonus blackburni Cameron, and Apanteles angaleti Mueseback, a biocontrol agent of cotton ecosystem .

Page No ( 1 – 8 )

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